Who is Trauma Specialists of Delaware?

Our Story

After working with clients for over 17 years, Rachel Harrison, LCPC, NCC founded Trauma Specialists of Maryland, LLC.  She realized that in much of her work over the years again and again the root cause of so many issues and symptoms came back to an individual’s trauma.  As such, Rachel has spent many of these years training in different treatment models proven to be most effective at dealing with trauma.  Her vision was to develop a practice where all practitioners were trained in specific trauma therapies and could work as a team to treat individuals most effectively.

We’re excited to bring our expertise to Lewes, Delaware with Trauma Specialists of Delaware. Watch as we continue to grow!

Our Approach

At Trauma Specialists of Delaware, we believe that traumatic events, big and small affect people’s lives and it takes specific interventions to effectively heal these wounds.  Often traumatic events end up causing many symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, flashbacks, difficulty in relationships and anger.  We offer therapy for each individual, based on his or her needs and goals for therapy.  We  are a group of therapists who offer the expertise in trauma therapy and our clients offer expertise on themselves.  Together, we work to pursue healing.